Singable Translations


I begun translating this song even before Kyoukai ended, but I was overwhelmed by the rap part in between, so I wasn’t able to finish it! So I thought I’d just post the TV version first until I get the guts to translate the rest haha! These are the singable lyrics I made for it, and this is a sample recording of my voice singing the song (albeit manly-fied/pitched down haha).

Daisy by Stereo Drive Foundation

seijaku wo kirisaku you otozureta no wa
hitsuzen to shite no kaikou bokura no tame ni
koukai wo nageku me ni utsuru kimi no zou
urei wo matotte utsukushiku saita

On the day when we first met, it must be destiny
When you came into my life and took away my peace
I saw how sad your eyes were, I saw all of the guilt
You wore your sorrow and bloomed beautifully

dareka no seimei ni
tokeru hana nee
kimi ni mo mieru darou

Just like a flower planted into someone’s heart
I know for sure that you can see it, too
Can’t you?

kasaneta ayamachi nurikaeyou
nando demo ii sa
kurikaeshiteku sutaato rain
kako to wa chigau asu wo
futari dake no kibou egaku sutaato rain

You can make up for all the mistakes that you’ve done
You’ve got all of the time the you need, just go to the starting line
Painting a future different from the past
Painting hope for just the two of us, let’s go to the starting line

I never say good bye
itsu datte sou sa

I never say goodbye
I don’t, now, do I?


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