Singable Translations

The 25th Chromosome

This is originally a song by RADWIMPS that I really like. So, I decided to make translyrics for it. It’s not yet complete, though. I hope to finish it eventually!

25 Kome no Senshokutai by RADWIMPS

All the things you’ve given from the start, I’ve always had them with me
Counting each and every one of them, right now, until now
First strike, second strike, the third strike hit right on my weak spot
But the hundred thirty first one hit my eyes like a home run

I have forgotten how to cry, but then
Even though my eyes are shut really tight
I can feel the tears trying to make their way out

I will die for you, and I will live for you
I will die for you, there is nothing more
That I could really say to you

On the very day before you die, I only have one wish
Please just stop my breathing so that I
Will never get to see you when you die

On the final day you are alive, I want to do one thing
I want to predict the colour that the sky will turn this world into

Right in between this place and the heavens up above
Maybe even in the place where you can reach out to the moon
Whatever you see, maybe I can see as well
I feel like I can do it if I just close my eyes

I will die for you, and I will live for you
I will die for you
Well, you never ever told me to


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