Singable Translations

Hitobashira Alice (Alice: Human Sacrifice) translyrics

My second finished translyrics! 😀
sang by MEIKO, KAITO, Hatsune Miku, and the Kagamine Twins

The first Alice was the scarlet woman of the Spade
Sword in hand, she bravely walked across Wonderland
Quickly slaying anything that’s standing in her way
She left a bloody trail that she had made with her own hands

Deep in the forest, there the Alice stayed
Like a rotten criminal, she was locked away
If it weren’t for the trail of red that she had made
We never could’ve known of her until this very day

The second Alice was the blue man of the Diamond
Meekly singing countless notes as a one-man band
Every melody he sang left everybody stunned
Infecting every single ear in all of Wonderland

This Alice was a flower akin to a rose
But a mad man shot him down and killed him instantly
In his wake, a single bloom had suddenly arose
As he becomes one with the earth, it wilts away with him

The third Alice was the young em’rald of the Clubs
A beguiling beautiful girl in Wonderland
Deceiving many people with her charm to gain their love
She created a green country under her command

Loved by all, this Alice was made queen
Haunted by the paranoia of her twisted dreams
Fearing death and afraid to lose all that she has
She hid in the highest tower from the lower class

In the forest, following a weird red path
Drinking tea by the thorny bush of roses
They found an invitation from the queen of green
It had the Ace of Hearts

The fourth Alice were the golden siblings of the Heart
Twins led by curiosity to venture Wonderland
Entering different doors together, ne’er to be apart
They came in a yellow boat, reaching these insane lands

A stubborn elder sister
A clever younger brother

They were closest to being the true Alice but then—

They will never wake from their never ending dream.
They’ll be lost forever in this crazy Wonderland.

English singable lyrics by dettsu!
Please credit me if you will use these 😀


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