Singable Translations

Nisoku Hokou (Two Breaths Walking) translyrics

My first translyrics ever!! :D
sang by Hatsune Miku, cover by Soraru

“I believe I’m here to tell you ’bout the story of my life
in a single page.”

Because I wanted to hold you tight,
I went and stood on my own two feet.
Because it’s sad to be alone,
I thought I’d live my life with you.

Hey, mama. I think I finally found the one for me.
“Congratulations, dear.”

Do you believe
that we’re mature enough to be
together at this point in time?
Will you fight for me ’til the end?
Can you even remember words?

“Papa. Mama. Niina.”
“I see that you’re improving now.”
“But I have to run off, you see.
It’s starting to feel strange.”

At the moment I flew to you to hug you tight,
I started to hurt you instead.
And I don’t even know why I’m doing all these kinds of things to you.

Suddenly, all the words that escape from my lips
are turning into these sharp daggers
piercing your fragile heart.

“Then, just maybe before all those daggers inch any closer to me
I’ll inch closer to you so I can lock your lips with mine.”

Would you believe
me if I said that through this kiss you solely live
by breathing my own breath?
Your words won’t hurt me now
I know you never meant to anyway.

From this day forth,
you’ll be the air that I will breathe
you’ll be the words that I will say
to you for all eternity
Do you know how much I love you?
The things that I would do for you?
The things I’d sacrifice for you?
I hope you know that I would love you til the day that I die.

English singable lyrics by dettsu
please credit me if ever you will use these :D


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