I would like to grab you by the sleeves,

I want to

pull you,

Get away from everyone,

corner you into some secluded place.

And while no one’s there,

I’ll beat the hell out of you,

I’ll cry,

‘til you can’t take it anymore

‘til I can’t make things out from the blur.

I’ll make you realize what you’ve done.

And by the time I’ll stop,

You should at least feel some sympathy for me.

After all I’ve done for you,

I could at least receive some pity.

I’ll do it again; I’ll be there for you.

Oh, the things I’m willing to do for you.

Don’t you even notice?

Won’t you even recognize them?

All I’ve ever wanted was

Your “okay,”

your assurance;

It was something I was willing to wait for

But where were you,

especially when I needed you

You elusive

Son of a bitch

Bastard, you weren’t there when I needed you.

You were gone.

When you’re done reading, try reading between the lines. Both ways.


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